The Outsourcery team is made up of fully vetted, trusted, multi-talented executive assistants from all over the world. We have German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and French-speaking personal assistants as well as our core English speaking team. Many have worked for companies like KPMG, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley and Accenture and bring not only a passion for excellence but global knowledge and experience. Your VA is part of a team who can help to support you if necessary while also giving you access to extra resources should you need.

No freelancers. Only highly-trained, full-time employees.

Your dedicated, perfectly matched virtual assistant is fully trained and ready to jump into your business and personal life from day one. You can message, phone or email them directly at any time just like a freelancer or in-house office assistant. However, unlike an office-based assistant or freelancer, should they be sick, on holiday or lacking skills you need for a specific task, you have the full cover of our experienced team to fall back on. With AVirtual you get a lot more than just one dedicated assistant.

The perfect fit and no recruitment fees

We have a wide range of virtual assistants for you to choose from ensuring the perfect fit without any recruitment fees. In a rush? We can normally get you matched up and ready to go within 24 hours.
In the unlikely event you are not happy with the virtual assistant we match you with, we will replace them immediately, no questions asked. On top of that, we will cover the cost of any retraining and handovers.

World-class quality with no HR issues

Our virtual assistants have years of domestic and international experience, having worked for companies like Deloitte, Investec and KPMG. We are extremely picky. We decline over 200 applicants for every virtual assistant we select ensuring you only get the best of the best.

On top of that we take care of all HR matters including, payroll, retention, performance management, onboarding and training.


Access to a team of experts with none of the hassle

Why work with lots of different freelancers? Your virtual assistant has full access to our team of experts in fields like content creation, design and website management. All included in one simple package and at one price.

Quality Assurance

We back the quality of our work with guarantees for everything we do. Find out more about how we guarantee quality.

Peace of Mind

We give you peace of mind through our 30-day money back guarantee, quality assurance guarantees and task insurance.

“I always thought that a VA would need a lot of management, but Outsourcery’s clear communication, efficiency and ability to anticipate and adapt has convinced me that it’s a must for anyone who is time-poor and needs a fast but sustainable solution.”

Hayley Elias

Head of Education Partnerships, Bridge U