Why I Use A Virtual Assistant

Simon Motson, Head of Wholesale and Client Development at ITB Worldwide

Simon Motson

Head of Wholesale and Client Development at ITB Worldwide:

Naturally, I’m not the most organised person. Most of the time, my schedule was in complete chaos, I was forced to work well past office hours to stay on top of my task list and even then, my productivity was underwhelming. I was managing to get the job done successfully, but it was stressful and starting to affect my family as well. I’d be spending time with my kids, but having to take work calls or answer emails in fear of falling behind. We live in a hyperactive world, where everyone is constantly plugged in and demanding more. I hadn’t really considered there being another option especially as I wasn’t in a position to hire full time assistance, but then my friend introduced me to Outsourcery. The idea of someone taking care of my schedule and administrative tasks was too appealing not to try especially when I could choose the hours my virtual assistant worked and change them according to my work load. I started off with the most basic package, and within the first few hours, I was hooked.

After an introductory Skype chat where I met Sophie, my dedicated virtual assistant and outlined my expectations and the kind of tasks I needed help with, we were off. I shared my calendar and contacts, and Sophie colour-coded my events, set reminders and updated email addresses so that I no longer received bounce backs and could understand my daily schedule at a quick glance. More recently, I started using time blocks (Sophie’s suggestion) to maximise my productivity. She assigns each of my tasks a twenty minute time slot so that I know exactly what to concentrate on every day and don’t waste time trying to decide where to begin. It keeps me moving forward and helps me to achieve more in a day without feeling overwhelmed. My strengths have always been in networking, but before I hired a virtual assistant, I was constantly turning down opportunities to go to events or meet people because I hadn’t completed my expenses or finished a powerpoint presentation. It was frustrating and a constant drain on my enthusiasm and energy. Now, I delegate everything that’s not the highest priority and best use of my skills.

I had a whole list of tasks that I’d been meaning to get round to for months, like order a new lens for my camera which I’d cracked on family holiday, update my frequent flyer accounts and set up an online weekly grocery shop order. Sophie completed them quickly and easily, finding me the best deal on a lens (with a guarantee this time) and even sent me a bunch of recipes, which she thought I might like based on my grocery order. It’s that kind of thoughtful attention that can transform a bad day into a good one. However, stressed or uptight I am, Sophie is always calm and cheerful. I’m sure she has bad days too, but she never shows it and the positivity really rubs off.

The best thing of all is that I have more time now to do things I love. I don’t worry about checking my emails or answering my calls when I’m at the park with my kids anymore, because I know my virtual assistant is taking care of it. I’ve started playing squash and spending more time with my friends. I’m hardly ever late or unprepared, thanks to the reminders in my calendar and a timely email asking me what time I’d like the cab booked for. Hiring a virtual assistant has completely transformed the way I work and restored balance into my life. I’m not sure how I’d survive without one.”

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