Businesses are starting up daily, and with that comes more stress, responsibility and travel. This makes it near impossible to maintain a reasonable balance between the office and home. A work-life balance is essential to any individual and there is always extra room for an extra hand.

Enter virtual assistants, the off-site virtual saviours of your sanity! We asked some of our clients how an Outsourcery assistant benefited their business, and this is the feedback we received:

“I’m actually saving money.”

This is the really big one. With virtual assistance, there’s no recruitment costs, no employee-related benefits, no PAYE, no holiday pay or any other sneaky extras.

At Outsourcery you select a plan and it does what it says on the tin, starting from just £195 a month.

“My productivity has dramatically increased.”

You never properly realise how many hours of your day are consumed by admin and other time-consuming tasks until you no longer have to do them.

By delegating the smaller things to an assistant, you can really set your mind to what’s important and also find time to be inspired, relax, exercise and most importantly, sleep soundly.

“My virtual assistant is flexible.”

We know that business can fluctuate so we offer flexible packages, which allow you to opt for more, or fewer hours of assistance whenever you like.

“My VA is reliable.”

When it comes to the reliability of your VA, there will always be a sense of stability and trust you can always have in them. You begin to form a relationship with your VA making it easier to understand what your client likes, prefers and even needs.

There is a solid and lasting relationship formed throughout and it comes down to the pure fact that your VA will know what you need before you even ask them.

“You only pay for time spent on projects.”

You know what’s important to your business and you can set the direction of what gets done. This means you can focus on the income potential projects changing direction when you need to.

Time is only billed when your VA is working for you which means you are billed in real-time – not in increments of 15 minutes and certainly not for your VA to make coffee or catch up with their colleagues after the weekend.

“Diverse skill set.”

If your virtual assistant doesn’t know how to get it done, there will be someone in our organisation that does. We work as a collective whole and encourage knowledge sharing as part of our culture.

For more specialised skills such as design, website management, content writers, social media and bookkeeping we employ specialists in these areas that your can access from your same plan as your VA. In simple form, you have the service of a dedicated virtual personal assistant with access to an entire team of specialists.

“Concentrated, dedicated assistance.”

This isn’t a task executing service, this is dedicated personal assistance. One point of contact who will get to know the intimacies of your business and concentrate their efforts on doing the parts you need really, really well.

Because this is their career, your VA can rely on their experience of executive assistants, bringing their learnings and expertise into your own business. They are often able to locate areas in need of improvement that you may have overlooked and have the knowledge to improve them.

“Faster business growth.”

Two heads are better than one, four hands better than two. Having someone on hand to help you where it’s needed most, means your business has better opportunity to scale up than what you may have been able to achieve on your own.

“No orientation needed.”

We already provide a thorough onboarding process so that our virtual assistants know what’s expected for SMME support and can hit the ground running. Need minimal training to introduce them to your business in order to execute objectives swiftly.

“Quality guaranteed.”

We start with impeccable recruitment, selecting the absolute cream of the many candidates we see. We follow this with comprehensive training, comprising of detailed onboarding and continuous coaching and development.


Integrity is critical to our operation and all our PAs are subject to robust, broad non-disclosure agreements covering everything they do at Outsourcery.

We have highly stringent IT confidentiality processes and all stored data is kept in secure environments. It is encrypted to prevent data loss in the event of a failure in sharing practices.

We train our team to be sensitive to data issues and to work hard to maintain client data and confidentiality.

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