Name: Marc Crouch

Company: Firedrop



What does your business do?

We are using artificial intelligence to automatically build, manage and promote websites for small business owners.


What is the most important thing to keep track of in business and why?

Cashflow, plain and simple. Without cash, the business dies very quickly. It is oxygen for a business.


What are the most common difficulties you face daily?

Prioritising the million different things I have to do; keeping staff on track and motivated; trying to keep on top of the inbox.


Describe your company’s culture in three words.

Creative, challenging, egalitarian


How would you describe your PA

Taryn is very friendly, proactive and helpful. She’s a joy to work with, picks things up quickly and is positive with suggestions.


What are your top tips for delegating

If you’re doing something every day that takes up your time and doesn’t necessarily need your skillset or knowledge, delegate it. The more time you can free up to focus on the high-value strategic work the better.

Why are you using Outsourcery?

I was losing several hours a week on admin tasks which both a time and psychological cost which detract from my core work, which is where I add value.


What would you say to someone who is unsure about hiring a virtual personal assistant?

Think hard about how much time you spend on repetitive tasks and what you would do if someone else was handling it. Then give it a try.

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