Interested in providing your wealth of knowledge and skills to businesses within the virtual space? One of the best ways to acquire more professional freedom is by working as a virtual assistant. The scariest part about becoming a virtual assistant is knowing where to begin. Our in-depth guide includes professional insider advice which will allow you to make a smooth, stress – free transition into your new role as a virtual assistant.






Understanding the Industry

When changing careers, it is important to research the industry before you commit yourself to it entirely. Having experience as an in-house assistant will give you the competitive advantage you need to enter the virtual space. However, your success as a virtual assistant comes down to analysing your competitors and discovering the best way to present yourself.


Boost Your Skills

Whether you know multiple languages, have a background in social media or are experienced in SEO, your current skillset will give you a good idea of the kind of services you want to provide to clients, as well as the number of hours you wish to work. There is nothing more advantageous than being a virtual assistant since your skills dictate your target audience, as well as how you wish to work with these businesses or individuals.


Amplifying Your Skillset

One of the best advantages of being a freelance virtual assistant is the direction you want to take. Thinking about what industries excite you is the first step towards developing a skillset that businesses and individuals within that industry can benefit from.

Finding Clients

Making the move from an in-house assistant to a virtual assistant provides you with the opportunity to request recommendations and referrals from previous colleagues as well as employers. Networking platforms like LinkedIn allow you to reach out to potential clients from your profile by making connections. Websites remain your digital portfolio; invest in one so that you can promote your services to the best of your ability while potentially offering visitors a free trial, so they can gauge what you are capable of. Building your initial client base is difficult, but sites such as Upwork make this highly effective even though they take a commission on your earnings.

If beginning your journey as a freelance virtual assistant, then starting with a virtual services company, such as Outsourcery might be the right move for you. Our virtual PA’s undergo extensive expert training and are paired with clients accordingly so that the best technical support can be provided. Although there is less freedom Outsourcery will allow for enough flexibility so that you can establish yourself as a trusted virtual assistant who is constantly supplied with work.


The Technology already provides you with enough tools and knowledge to position yourself as a rock star virtual assistant, and with the skillset you bring to the table, comes the flexibility to choose the services you want to offer. These services could be any or all the below:

The key to delivering expectations with Outsourcery comes down to flexibility. A great virtual assistant can predict what their client’s future requirements might be, and how to adapt their skillset in to deliver a service that communicates the highest level of dedication. Furthermore, transparency regarding what specialised skills you cannot provide for a client allows you to go the extra mile in referring them to the next best option to meet their specific needs.

“My virtual assitant Emma is amazing, while Emma works remotely and not in my London office, it’s like she is always here. She has become a critical member of my team and indeed my personal life too.

Simon Motson

Founder, C6


When onboarding your client’s, they will specify their preferred mode of communication. However, offering multiple suggestions detailing better alternatives is good for client’s who are working with a virtual assistant for the first time. Constant communication is key for your client, as well as your happiness. We encourage a virtual meeting every week via FaceTime or Skype. The importance of this weekly meeting lies in the intimacy of human connection and identifying what different facial expressions communicate your client’s various emotions.

You can use email, text, or Whatsapp to communicate with your clients on a daily, but it all comes down to their preferred method of contact and incorporating this into your daily routine.

Sharing Information and Getting Technical

Applications such as Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox make the sharing of information a breeze. Ask your client whether they use any of these or you can suggest what you think will be easiest for them. All of your clients will want to remain productive, so here are some of our favourite tools to achieve just that:

Trello – (com) Manage your tasks by creating boards which act as a means for organising current work, monitoring progress, and inviting others to contribute to your projects. Setting up checklists, deadlines, workflows, and discussion boards unique to your client’s objectives are easy. Furthermore, you can easily attach files, images and videos for your client to review.

Harvest – (com) Recognised as one of the most effective time tracking software’s used by many freelancers, Harvest allows you to start and stop timers, as well manual timesheets so that you can stipulate how time should be recorded. The ability to add notes gives both you and your client insight into exactly what work was done, how many hours were spent on a task, and is a great way to track progress for picking up work the following day.


The nature of being a virtual assistant requires you to contact client’s well in advance while offering solutions for covering your work. This is where your incredible ability to network comes in handy, providing you with an alternative virtual assistant who can help your client while you are on holiday. It is your responsibility to brief your replacement with all the essential information required to meet your client’s demands.


Building Your Brand

What makes you unique? Why are your services better than your competitors? How can you use creativity to position yourself as one of the best virtual assistants to work with? These are the questions you need to ask yourself when building a reputable brand.

Flexibility is Everything

You will never have one client that is the same as the next. Be open to changing how you deliver your special skills as well as the ways you work to meet specific clients needs. This is where you can stand out from the crowd by providing a bespoke service unique to every client.

Overdelivering is a Plus

Adopting the objectives of your client as if they are your own will see you exceeding your client’s expectations. If a client recognises your enthusiasm and commitment towards the work they have requested of you, they are more likely to continue working with you, upscale, or refer you to someone who might benefit from your services. This is why going the extra mile is always worth the effort.


Of 200 applicants declined, you had what it takes to be selected. Want to become a virtual assistant with us, search jobs now, we are always hiring great people.