How To Work With A Personal Concierge

How to work with a personal concierge.

Hiring a personal concierge can seem like an indulgence, but the benefits are huge and easily make up for the small extra expense. This is especially true for entrepreneurs or business owners, for whom work and life blend, but even if you’re working for someone else, yourself or your family, hiring someone to assist with life’s general admin can majorly increase your productivity and decrease your stress levels. The main job of a personal concierge is to give you space to breathe. Sounds appealing, right? Here are 7 ways your personal concierge can transform the way you live:


1. Personal wellbeing


It’s easy to sideline your health when you’re running after your kids or trying to kick start a business, but if you’re not feeling good, how can you be expected to function at your best? Your personal concierge can’t go to the gym for you, but they can make sure that you’re prioritising your wellbeing by booking you into yoga classes or meditation courses, finding you a personal trainer, gently reminding you to exercise or researching new fitness activities for you to try. You could even ask them to find healthy recipes for dinner and order the ingredients so that all you have to do is prepare. Share your particular interests with your personal concierge and they can send you inspiring articles to read, sign you up to magazine subscriptions or introduce you to forums where you can discover more about well-being and healthy solutions.


2. Lifestyle Management


Your lifestyle manager can help you to achieve a better work life balance by setting aside time for you to spend on leisure activities. Chat to your personal concierge about the things you love, what you find inspiring and what you’d like to do more of. That could be lying on the sofa and catching up on your favourite series or it could be going to music concerts, film screenings, art classes, food markets, a book club. Whatever you want to do, your personal concierge can help you find the space to do it.


3. Shopping


Doing a weekly food shop or desperately searching for the perfect birthday present are time consuming tasks that eat into a large portion of your day. Thankfully with all the excellent online services now available, your virtual personal concierge can take shopping off your to-do list. Discuss what you’d like to eat that week or provide a copy of your normal list for your personal concierge to order from your preferred grocery store. If it’s a gift you need help with, discuss your ideas with your personal concierge or see what they can come up with. They can make sure that the present is beautifully wrapped and delivered on time to the correct address with a personalised message.


4. Planning a trip abroad


Whether you’re travelling for pleasure or business, planning a trip is a lengthy and often tedious process so instead hand over the responsibility to the expert. Your personal concierge knows exactly where to find the best deals for flights, car hire, accommodation and money exchange so that they can put together multiple options for you to choose from, working to your particular preferences. They can make sure everyone’s vaccinations are up to date (and if not, book them into see a doctor), assist with visa applications or travel insurance and provide information on the destination so that you know what the weather’s going to be like, what the nearest attractions are, how to order a glass of wine in the country’s language and what to do in an emergency. All you need to do is enjoy the trip.


5. Financial administration


It’s important that your accounts are kept up to date so that you can keep an eye on your expenditure and avoid any issues with tax later down the line. Unfortunately, filing receipts, issuing invoices and paying bills takes time and patience, which most busy people are short of. Using secure online services, your personal concierge can double as a book-keeper, making sure your personal or professional accounts are accurate and efficiently organised into a spreadsheet that’s easy for you to use and understand.


6. Household management


This could include any number of general administrative tasks from hiring a cleaner, finding a babysitter at late notice, a house sitter or pet care. Your personal concierge can do the research and coordination so that all you need to do is text or email them the request and cross the task off your to do list. You can even ask your personal concierge to set reminders if it’s a regular appointment or booking so that they can plan ahead for ultimate organisation.


7. Scheduling


Here’s the big task that ties it all together: the management of your diary. For entrepreneurs, in particular it can be hard to keep track of your personal and professional commitments when everything is so intertwined, but even for you’re not working, handing over scheduling to a personal concierge can be a huge relief. For starters, your personal concierge is a professional and highly trained lifestyle manager so they know how to efficiently organise your day so that there are no clashes or near misses. They can make sure you’re always on time, at the right place, fully prepared and with space to breathe. Better still, if your personal concierge has access to your diary, they can look ahead and predict any future issues or organisational tasks. You can simply concentrate on enjoying living.