So this is what I do every day (let me rephrase that) what I need doing every day but feel comfortable having someone not in my office do for me. Her name is Natasha and she is my personal “virtual” PA

OK so it took me a few months to feel relaxed with Natasha doing this but the list below is my current task list. I meet with Natasha once a week via Skype to discuss priorities and set new ones. Sometimes we talk more regularly but my daily updates from Natasha on her progress keep me in the loop.

Some are ongoing, some may never get done as new priorities come on board but looking at this list I wonder how I ever had time to think about strategy, grow my business and spend time with my family.

I hope it’s of use to anyone thinking of using a PA.

Disclaimer: Some items have been removed to save the embarrassment of the owner

  • Research new online payment systems
  • Consolidate air miles
  • Compile report of the best air mile program for my team including corporate credit cards
  • Book weekend away with wife to Devon.
  • Filter CV’s for SEO consultants on Odesk
  • Research meeting ventures in London for October visit
  • Prepare quote for attending marketing conference in Edinburgh for 4 people
  • Consolidate credit card statements
  • Mine LinkedIn contacts for new business opportunities as per our discussion
  • Organise new fibre optic installation at home
  • Move meetings around week beginning 17th September to following week
  • Find personal trainer and book 3 times a week
  • Compile top 5 books on strategy over the last 5 years and order one for each member of manager team
  • Competitor research report: Social media figures, website content, prices, clients etc.
  • Look into ways to reduce office supplies budget by 20%
  • Look into ways to reduce travel budget by 20%
  • Organise contacts, delete multiple contacts.
  • Move photos to online storage.
  • Find video editor to create movie of family iPhone clips
  • Organise annual retreat for Entrepreneurs organisation
  • Organise quarterly strategy retreat for October
  • Organise Christmas party (20 people)
  • Look into part time Financial director companies, compile one page report on prices and services of the top free
  • Compile organisation flow chart with key influencers in each division.
  • Monthly expense report.
  • Research new corporate mobile phone contracts
  • Compile report on live chat tools, costs, features etc. top three providers
  • Research stand up desks for team, who wants it, costs etc.
  • Research best hotel restaurants for a family Christmas lunch for 18 adults and 4 children


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