You have to find your own clients, worry about when you will be paid, teach yourself things without being paid for that time and do all this whilst feeling incredibly lonely and unsupported.

You went into freelancing because you wanted flexibility, a variety of interesting clients and freedom to manage your own time but you’ve ended up feeling stressed. You don’t have to be! You can keep all the benefits of freelancing while removing all the negatives by working for Outsourcery. Find out how.

Employed by Outsourcery means:

  • You get to keep the flexibility you currently enjoy
  • You don’t need to find your own clients
  • Better income stability
  • You can work from home
  • You get support through online and offline training programme, meet ups, socials and much more
  • Paid leave
  • You have a team available to cover your client work when you need to take a break or just need some help
  • Our support team looks after client recruitment, client services and payments from clients
  • Opportunity to work with international clients across various industries
  • You can keep any clients you currently have

Working alone as a freelancer means:

  • You spend time and money on marketing, client’s services and chasing clients for payment
  • No support from a bigger team
  • No income stability
  • Difficult to take leave – no cover and no paid leave
  • No training and learning from other team members