The virtual personal assistant industry has grown extensively over the past few years, especially in the UK, the US and South Africa. The truth is, a virtual assistant is possibly the biggest secret weapon of highly productive business owners.

Even though we know that it is a struggle to handover the workload, and delegating work may be challenging to you, hiring a virtual assistant is the most life-changing thing you could do for yourself and your business. Virtual assistants tackle all the tasks you don’t want to do, whether it’s personal, family orientated or business.

So, where would you find these virtual heroes, and what should you consider when choosing your virtual assistant company? We have listed everything you need to know to give you a headstart to finding your perfect fit!

What to consider when choosing a virtual personal assistant company

Firstly, you will need to decide what is most important to you and your business when choosing a virtual assistant company, as there are many options. Considering the following will make your life a lot easier:

Quality over Quantity

You need to remember that the most expensive company may not be the best quality and vice versa when it comes to the cheapest virtual assistant company. The hourly rate can range from $5 to $50. It’s always best to check reviews of the company before jumping headfirst, however, make sure that they are legitimate and not fake. Find a company with a reasonable rate and a good track record. Opting for the cheapest company may not help you in the long run, thus you need to make sure that they are a reputable company.

Cultural Fit

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to have a conversation and neither one of you can understand each other. Make sure there aren’t any language barriers, as this can make your job even more difficult! If you are expecting someone to do basic admin work, by them speaking a different language, your work should not be affected, however, If you would need them to help with more personal tasks such as gifting, family, travel and organising your time, we would advise you to pick a company/assistant that understands your culture and can speak your language.

Time Zones

As a virtual assistant does not need to be based in your country to work effectively, when choosing a company, you will need to consider the time zone and how responsive you would need your assistant to be. You will also need to check their availability and whether this would benefit you.

With that being said and done, and you have insight on what to look out for when hiring a virtual assistant, what are the best companies?


No, we are not trying to blow our own horn, but we have been voted as one of the top Virtual Assistant companies that service South Africa.

Based In Cape Town, we pride ourselves on delivering a superb service of dedicated virtual assistants to South African businesses and individuals.

We service individual, small business to larger businesses ranging from startups to FTSE clients. Our team of experts are equipped with various skills to tackle any task thrown at them.

We offer affordable Virtual Personal Assistant Services from R3528 per month.


VAFromEurope, also known as European Virtual Assistant Agency or EVAA, is a virtual assistant company with headquarters in Austin, Texas with their team of virtual assistants being based in Lviv and Ukraine.

The company was founded in 2015, to help busy business owners with skilled virtual assistants. They boast that they outsource tasks at a competitive rate.

Baltic Assist

Baltic Assist is based in Lithuania. The company is a relatively new virtual assistant company.

Baltic Assist provides their services in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, but they are open to serving clients throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Mindy Supports

Mindy Supports is a virtual assistant company based in Ukraine. They have been in operation since 2014 and work with small and medium-sized businesses across the EU and US.

The company was founded by a group of international entrepreneurs with the goal of matching up businesses with skilled and affordable virtual assistants.

Mint Lifestyle Partners

Mint Lifestyle Partners is a virtual concierge service aimed at high-powered high-lifestyle individuals. The UK-based company was founded in 2010, and also maintains an office in Dubai.

Mint specializes in lifestyle assistance, originally created to serve the needs of the growing expatriate community in the Middle East. They’ve since expanded and accept clients globally.


Zirtual offers Virtual Assistants for busy people. Zirtual is a US-based company that services both the east coast and west coast time zones. Zirtual offers their services to entrepreneurs, professionals and small teams.

Now that you have more information on how to choose your virtual assistant company, there is no excuse as to why you cannot free up some time to do the things you love!

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